Trainers, sneakers, kicks or creps; whatever you like to call them have undeniably broken through the confines of being known as strictly functional sporting footwear. Trainers have been breaking gender, culture and class boundaries since the 19th century and have unified the masses in making this type of footwear an essential part of everyday fashion. 

Soleseekers The Film documents the rise of UK collectors, inspectors and respecters of trainers affectionately known as “sneaker heads” from all backgrounds, races, and religious beliefs, banded together with one unifying purpose; to find the holy grail of trainers through their appreciation of trainer culture. 

UK | 2018 | 75 mins


Emil Collins


Writer, Director, Producer: Emil Socialize 

Voiceover: Ortis Deeley 

Director Of Photography: Robin Van Calcar 

Associate Producers: Paola Lucktung, Troy Pryor, Zena Tuitt 

Music Supervisor: James Yarde 

Audio and Sound Mix: Everis Pellius 

Slammin Kicks Animation: Aniboxx 

Featuring Music By: Ty, James Yarde, Sticky, J2K, Capone, Mistadaz, Humblestars 

Audio Languages





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