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To help you enjoy a better experience here you will find support a guide to how KushCinema works along with important answers to frequently asked questions and hopefully we will address any queries that you may have.

Please add customerservice@kushcinema.com to your email contacts list so that any email correspondence from us does not end up in your spam folder and you receive all of our email communications.

What is KushCinema?
We are the UK’s 1st streaming platform designed to create a one-stop-shop to find the best black film entertainment whilst also placing a spotlight of black British cinema.

As pioneers of black film entertainment in the UK; we know what you want and how you want it!


KushCinema: offers new, rare, classic and premium content on a one-off rental basis per title for a one-off payment cost.

KushTVee: offers free ad supported content (this is also where you will find great short films and original content produced by us along with films from around the world).

KushCinema Online (our online events film club) will be subscription based and will be coming soon (with special event screenings at no additional cost, discounts on rentals on the KushCinema streaming platform for film club subscribers and occasional free films, sponsored partner discounts, free gifts, invites to national press screenings and VIP treatment at our renowned physical live Kush Film Boutique events in local cinemas).

Now Showing
A curated selection of films that we have chosen specially for you; these films will be refreshed with new titles every 8 days (just like your local cinema). No more endless searching we choose great films for you – some of these films will be on this platform for a limited release period only and if you miss it, then you’ve missed it… so always look at what is on offer in Now Showing first.

Recently Added Titles
Here you will find all our recently added titles

Find our full catalogue of films via their specific genre/category (i.e. Drama, Black British etc)

Coming Soon
You will find new 'Coming Soon' titles here

Enjoy free Ad supported content here which will include short films, feature films, original content produced by Kush Films and partners, new film trailer releases, new film release promo’s (interviews etc) and other content we have specially sourced from our and partner Youtube pages.

Your User Account Section
Your Free Film, 'Wish List', Favourites and Films Watched details are all in your account section when you sign-in so make sure to sign in first every time you visit the site.

You can also customise your profile and add an avatar/picture as well as profile details.

Free Film
As soon as you sign-up for an account you will be taken to a page to choose one film from a selection of 4 offered free films (you can only choose one). If you do not select your Free film immediately on that first day then when you next log back in; you will see your free film gift waiting for you to claim in the top right-hand section of your accounts page.

Film Reviews
You can also write your own film reviews for films that you have watched and submit to us for approval for others to read (please only submit reviews which has no profanity and which reflects the standards of our platform otherwise it will be rejected and those not adhering to our guidance and abusing the rules may have their accounts terminated and that account holder blocked permanently).

Purchasing A Film / Pricing
All content in KushCinema is offered on a one-off rental purchase basis only per title.

Our prices are competitive and we aim to make purchase costs cheaper than platforms like Amazon Prime (where possible). Titles range from as little as £0.99 for various titles (depending on promotion) with a rising scale of rental prices for rare, classic and more newer or exclusive cinema releases.

To rent a title simply click on the 'Watch' button, when prompted enter your debit/credit card details to purchase the selected title. Each title has its own separate rental price.

We want to treat you better than other streaming platforms so once you purchase a title that title will be available to you for 14 days before expiration, but once you press start and begin watching the content; then you will have 48 hours exactly to enjoy watching that title before full expiration, with an exception for multi-episode series which will only expire after 21 days even after you begin watching (you can watch all purchased titles as many times as you like within that available watch period).

Discount Codes / Vouchers
If you have a discount coupon code giving you a discount on your next purchase then please enter the coupon/gift code on the payments page when finalising your rental.

Any issues please send an email to: customerservice@kushcinema.com

Payment Processing:
*Please note; we do not see, take or store any personal credit/debit card information; your information is securely & safely processed privately by our trusted international payment processing partner 'Stripe' an internationally recognised company used by major businesses around the world to process millions of online payments.

When making payments there is an option to securely save your card details with the secure Stripe ‘Link’ banking system by ticking the option ‘Securely Save My Information For 1-Click Checkout’ on the payment page; you then will be asked to supply your mobile number for direct personal mobile verification via text message when making online payments with any online checkout that uses the Stripe Link payment system. Your mobile number will be used in future transactions to instantly contact you so you can verify that it is you making the purchase via your mobile phone and you therefore will not need to type in your full card details each time you need to make a purchase. You are in full control.

How Link Works
Customers new to Link can save their payment details and shipping information to enable faster checkout in the future. Here’s how Link authenticates existing customers:

  1. Link automatically detects if a customer is enrolled by using their email address, phone number, or browser cookie.
  2. They receive a one-time passcode to authenticate their session.
  3. After authentication succeeds, Link loads their payment and shipping information, and they pay with one click.
  4. After a customer enrols with Link, they can add backup payment methods and change shipping addresses.
Link Mobile
You’re protected with mobile authentication designed to ensure that you’re the only person who can access your information.

Link Data Encryption
Your card information stays secure with data encryption on servers that meet the highest PCI standards available in the payment industry.

You can review every order before you pay.

You can read the Stripe (Link) Privacy Policy here

If you have any payment queries please contact your bank as the first point of contact; you can also keep us (KushCinema) in the loop by sending an email to: customerservice@kushcinema.com but all refunds, errors, financial queries must be done through your bank who will communicate with Stripe on your behalf. Please keep all purchase receipts, email communications, page notices and take screenshots of any issues which you can use to back-up any claims.

We will also do whatever we can to help on your behalf even though we are not liable for any payment processing queries/issues.

You can also purchase films and gift them to someone else (family, friends). Gifting is a perfect way to share content that you enjoy watching with others; it’s also a great way to introduce KushCinema to friends and family.

When you click the ‘Watch’ button in KushCinema to purchase a title, you will then see the option to gift that film to someone else; all you will need then is that person's email address; which you have to enter to be able to send that title to someone else as a gift after you have purchased it for them.


What happens if I forget my password?
Simply click Forgot password on the Login page, enter the email address you used when you created an account and a link to reset your password will be sent to you via email.
You will then have 1 hour to use that Password Reset email sent before it expires and where it can no longer be used and you will have to request a new Password Reset again.

Do I need to pay to create an account on KushCinema?
All accounts on KushCinema are FREE to create and you get a FREE film to enjoy.

Otherwise yes if you want to access rental content in KushCinema. You do not have to Sign-in or have an account to access content in the KushTVee section but we strongly request that you do sign-in or create an account as this will help us greatly as we develop and grow, it also helps us determine how better to improve your customer experience by understanding who is using the platform and how they are using it.

Account holders also get freebies, discounts, latest news via our newsletter where they enjoy competitions, latest film news and info on events/special exclusive online film club screenings coming up and more.


Please send an email to: customerservice@kushcinema.com if urgent please call: 07961 977 749


Please send all complaints via email to: customerservice@kushcinema.com

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