Friends of Kush

KushCinema is part of the Kush Films & Kush Community Arts & Media Development (not-for-profit) network of community focused businesses and since 1998 we have strove to make a difference in the UK black community through our legacy work in film exhibition & distribution, video production training courses and other projects like working with young people in a creative writing competition celebrating the 50th year anniversary of ‘I Have A Dream’ (MLK speech) and putting on youth talent showcases.

We have also put on film and discussion events shining a light on the very serious issue of gun and knife crime among young people in our UK communities.

We want to continue our legacy work through the KushCinema / KushTVee platform and we really want to continue supporting young people, offer them jobs working with us, help develop career opportunities in TV/film for many, constantly educate and use this platform as a force of good for the betterment of our wider communities for all.


At this beginning stage of this platform's development we need to continually raise funds and want to do so by engaging the UK black community (our core target audience) and those that support the black community and want to see more diverse representation to all be part of our exciting development journey. Presently rather than us seeking private investment (especially from those that may want to control what we represent and do), we want to be totally in control of our growth and represent ‘black culture’ how we know we should.

We are currently crowdfunding to raise a minimal £72,000 (as we will need a lot more over the next year) towards supporting costs for:

1. The building of this £20k platform which we are gradually paying for

2. Ongoing marketing costs

3. Hiring and building our important new management team

4. Acquiring great new content (for your viewing pleasure)

5. Meeting ongoing management and development costs (which will grow as we grow)

We will be able to do all this with your support!

If you would like to support us with a one-off donation or ongoing monthly donation as others have done please do so below:

Your Ongoing Support – Our Development
Your ongoing support will enable ongoing development and allow us to work with young content creators where we plan to partner with them and produce our own original content that we both own.

Our work will also allow us to keep supporting young disadvantaged content creators and help them monetise their privately owned content; enabling them to keep producing the representative content that we want to see.

Buying / Watching Content
You also proactively support us & content creators by buying content or watching loads of free Ad supported content.

Spread The Word
Please remember that also spreading the word and introducing the platform to others is great and will additionally support us. Also check us out on all social media platforms and ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’ our pages.       

Larger Donations
If you would like to make a larger donation then please feel free to give us a call to discuss further: +44 (0) 7961 977 749.

Thank you for your continued support – we are on this journey together.

Marlon Palmer

Created by i2i Media