Kush Presents Authentic Black British Talk


Kush Films Presents An ‘Authentic Black British On Screen’ Talk with Pioneering Actors Trevor Laird, Brian Bovell and Victor Romero Evans – Hosted by actress and presenter Judith Jacob.   

Kush Films Presents a historical talk with four pioneering black actors who began their careers in the 1970’s and went on to become regular faces on the British film/TV & theatre scene that produced classic films like Babylon, Burning An Illusion, Black Joy and Playing Away along with TV programmes like No Problem, The Real McCoy and others. 

Actors Trevor Laird (Babylon, Quadrophenia), Victor Romero Evans (Babylon, Burning An Illusion) and Brian Bovell (Babylon, Playing Away) talk to actor and presenter Judith Jacob (herself a pioneering actor first appearing on TV in 1979 in TV series Angels then going on to feature in popular black comedy skit shows No Problem, The Real McKoy and later became a regular in soap Eastenders). 

UK | 2021 | 142 mins


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Created by i2i Media