KUSH: A legendary and powerful cradle of civilisation kingdom that was born in Nubia, Africa and stretched throughout Northern Sudan into upper Egypt; its warriors and advance civilisation inhabited that region for over 3000 years and even conquered and ruled Egypt for over a 100 years as the 25th Dynasty of Egypt. (Banner image: Present day picture of Kushite King/Queen Pyramids in Sudan).

Who We Are

Virtual Cinema, Subscription VOD, Archive, Distribution Platform, Leading Film Exhibition & Marketing Specialist, Guardian of film

The Conception

The birth of Kush Cinema Online was a seed long in nurturing but spurned into growth and reality during the devastating pandemic of 2020- 2021 and the sudden online demand and consumption of digital media; but the fuel that propelled growth was the heinous and senseless murder of George Floyd in America leading to a great awakening and a deep-sense that we at Kush Films as a leading and pioneering film exhibition/distribution company serving our community for 23 years really now needed to start focusing on ownership, being even more self-determining and have a greater say in helping disadvantaged independent filmmakers showcase, distribute and monetize their content thus a conversation was sparked and Kush Cinema Online was born.

That conversation was between colleagues Marlon Palmer the CEO of Kush Films & Nu-Urban Image International Pictures Ltd and the managing director of leading International App development and software company i2i. This talk set forth a new chapter in the Kush Films journey and once again we excitedly begin a new pioneering journey in the exploding VOD marketplace to bring you and all true film fans the best in black cinema; with a special spotlight focus on Black British Filmmakers.

Kush Films

As a pioneering film exhibition/marketing company from within the heart of the black community in London our ethos has always been; how do we best support disadvantaged independent BME filmmakers, create wider public access and awareness, be the example others want to see, lead from the front, change the game for the better and make a significant difference supporting BME filmmakers in the global film industry! We have strived to fulfil these qualities over 23 long years of service.

The Kush Films brand is synonymous with black films and was launched in May 1998 as a pioneering exhibition platform dedicated to placing more black films on the big screen, creating wider public access and opening doors to UK cinemas showcasing the best in mainstream and independent black films. Over 23 years up to this point in October 2021 our audiences have enjoyed access to premiere and exclusive theatrical film screenings at prestigious venues right across the UK through our renowned film club the ‘Kush Film Boutique’; the UK’s longest running black film club. Through our success we have also worked with many mainstream film distributors; hired to organise and manage important marketing campaigns for many mainstream film releases that our supporters have been first to enjoy.

Kush Films is recognised as the UK’s leading, Marketing, PR, Exhibition and Distribution specialist of black films and we are here to serve you and those that love an inclusive and diverse society where we see representation that reflects all of human civilisation and positive stories that show the true essence of black history. Join us as we engage, learn from, experience and enjoy important, rich cultural film narratives from across the globe.

Kush Cinema

Once again we have become pioneers and Kush Cinema Online is the UK’s first online hybrid VOD virtual cinema with a focus on collating, showcasing and archiving the rich history of black British filmmaking, creating a one-stop shop for all to experience and enjoy.

A key focus of which we are very proud of is; providing a much-needed new distribution outlet for independent filmmakers and helping them to generate additional revenue for their creative work. You supporting us supports them as a percentage of our revenue goes straight to filmmakers.

But we will not stop there our aim is to also eventually have a wide selection of specially selected films from around the world that do not usually get UK/European distribution, have been lost & forgotten about, others not given due respect or simply is not easily accessible on other mainstream platforms. More content will be added as we grow and learn what our audience truly appreciates; so your support and feedback is vitally important.

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