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Lets Talk - Together We Will Be Better! Onwards & Upwards....

A collective WELCOME TO YOU and everyone that has recently signed up.

Thank you, your support is valued and much-appreciated!

Our aims and objective is to provide you with the best black film entertainment possible by creating a community of film fans who are engaged and very much at the forefront of the journey as we grow KushCinema & KushTVee.

We are finalising plans on launching our bi-monthly online film club with exclusive screenings; also looking for opportunities to bring ‘new release’ promotional screenings, talks and events to you; we expect to be very active through Summer and Black History Month (October) 2023.
We are very much open to your guidance on how we can improve the platform in every way; so please feel free to send us your opinions and suggestions; we will also be sending out a marketing survey soon to directly get your opinion on important questions we need to analyse and hope you will participate and give us your feedback.   

We have to emphasise we are no Netflix or Amazon Prime (not yet anyway) and really ask not to be seen or treated as such;  we are at a very early stage of development with big plans, we are also unique and a first for black films/black filmmakers in the UK; there will be trial and error and hopefully lots of success and we are depending on your guidance and support along the way.  

This platform inevitably will be supported indifferently by some who will only care about the quality of our content; they won’t care about the importance of this platform creating new opportunities for disadvantaged black filmmakers and that it is importantly ‘black owned’ but we know that there are many who have signed up that are ‘fully woke’ and progressively community focussed and will consciously support this ‘black-owned’ business through thick and thin and push us forward throughout the years to come and we really want to nurture that culture.

Remember it took Netflix and other mainstream streamers many years and millions of dollars to be where they are now.

To be able to really acquire the best films for you, we as pioneers in the UK streaming world will have to consistently prove to our partners (major international film distributors) that it is worthwhile them giving us their new films (and many of you know how black businesses are sometimes seen and treated), so we need you to be engaged (that's on us) and need you to proactively rent films and also consistently watch the free content so its proves beneficial to our partners which also includes black filmmakers; we will then continually be able to get bigger, better and newer films for you. Right now our partners are testing us; you and us together will work to make KushCinema a valuable streaming platform, right... 

Please also note when you support us; you are also supporting disadvantaged independent black filmmakers (our partners) who we give up to 50% of sales revenue.       

Our work and your support helps us show love to black filmmakers; many who find it hard to make a living from their work; there are also many black filmmakers who made notable black British films but they didn’t get the support at the time from the UK film industry and they; not able to make a living stopped making films but we have acquired their once forgotten about films and now have them on KushCinema for your viewing pleasure; our work also helps to create an archive of black British filmmaking (our history) which our young people can utilise as an educational and historical resource – we also plan to partner with educational institutions in the future.

Lets do this! 

Marlon Palmer
Founder / Managing Director
Kush Films

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