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Clayton struggles to overcome his past. In a city where every day there is a constant threat of violence and death, he keeps his sanity by channelling his aggression into boxing, the one part of his life where he feels powerful, in control, contained. However, when the violence that surrounds him starts to destroy his own family, Clayton's inner darkness is unleashed. And now, to gain vengeance against those who have taken his loved ones, he must ask the one man he fears the most for help... his father.

With everything around him falling apart and the full shocking fury in him let loose, Clayton must look death in the face and find out who is the man inside.

UK | 2012 | 99 mins


Dan Turner


Dan Turner


Dean Fisher



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grade grade grade grade grade    Rebekah Segun 2 Jan 2024 16:35

A thought-provoking picture that leads you to question your own inner thoughts. The acting is generally great and convincing. My main gripe with the film is that it didn't have enough of David Harewood, as he's a selling point in my opinion.

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