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Moving Forward & 2023 Developments

Dear subscribers,
I hope you have found content to enjoy on KushCinema so far?
We have only just started and things will get better and better, as we acquire more new, rare, old and classic film titles for your enjoyment. 

We would appreciate any feedback from you; please do communicate and let us know your thoughts and how we can improve any functionality on the platform; which especially will improve your user experience.  As we have previously stated we are still in development and will be revealing new functionality this month, the platform is under constant review and our aim is to continuously improve the user experience which will go side-by-side with acquiring new content that we believe you want to see.     

As with the likes of Netflix, Amazon and other platforms; we know it will take years of development to truly get to where we want to be and this is just the start of the journey.

We know we will have to work hard to gain your loyalty and intend to do everything we can to meet your needs. Also as some of you may have read previously; we will be launching a subscription online film club with bi-monthly screenings which will include exclusive screenings, themed talks and interviews. 

We purposely have not launched new elements yet as our platform developers are still working on things and we want to get those finished and out of the way first; currently they are working on the Kush TV section of this site; so we will soon be offering you FREE ad supported content to enjoy.

Raising Investment: 
We are currently focussed on raising additional investment through various means and one of them is a crowdfunding campaign with the intention to raise an initial £72,000 to meet costs; as we build out the business, recruit new staff, develop an app and more.

As a pioneering black owned business we can only hope that you appreciate the long hard journey ahead of us; one we plan to make a success but it will not be easy in this current economic climate; we ask you to be patient and stick with us on this exciting journey.

Thank you for you continued support
You are appreciated.

Marlon Palmer
Founder / Managing Director
E: Admin@kushcinema.com  

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