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The Journey Begins...

Hi to all long time supporters and new subscribers.
My name is Marlon Palmer and I am the founder and managing director of Kush Films the UK's leading black film exhibition/marketing & distribution company and I am the founder of this pioneering video-on-demand streaming platform KushTVee.com which also incorporates KushCinema.com.

This is my first blog post where I can communicate directly with you and share my innermost thoughts and the latest developments within KushTVee.

Currently as I write this the world is going through difficult economic times and we have been working hard to adapt and find new solutions to best help you support us and our desire to provide you and all lovers of black culture on film/TV with a fantastic pioneering video-on-demand streaming platform showcasing the best in global black films and web/TV content whilst we also place a special spotlight on black British filmmakers.

We are currently still in a beta testing mode and the platform is on a soft launch; so you guys currently using the site are the privilege few. The FULL LAUNCH of the platform will be on 1st October 2022 (Black History Month). That's when we start making a lot of noise and begin major marketing plus we'll have a whole range of great new content for everyone.

I haven't had a chance to write a blog post previously to this because we decided to use our small team to focus fully on vital developments, we have been working tirelessly and are still developing systems and adding vital management capabilities to the back-end of the platform which will make it easier for us to appreciate and understand your preferences better; and ultimately give you what you want. Recently we have been so blessed (through our 24 year UK film industry history and connections); and have been fortunate to make a number of new valuable international film distributor links and conclude deals allowing us to acquire new fab content; at the same time we are doing everything needed to make us fully investment ready and hopefully go on to attract major investment where we can really take developments onto another level over the forthcoming years; we will develop and grow – one way or another!

We will at some stage in the future also provide you our subscribers and supporters with an opportunity to invest in KushTVee (KushCinema) the UK's first black owned pioneering VOD streaming platform with the prospect of investors making annual returns on their investment.

For us innovation and development will consistently be ongoing and we will need continuous investment to be successful.

Some of the ongoing work that we have been doing is adapting to the ever changing video-on-demand landscape; due to the economic climate subscription is becoming less favourable and platforms like Netflix & Disney+ have decided to introduce advertising and now Ad supported streaming platforms are becoming dominant as audiences are becoming less fussy about watching ads if the content available is good, access is convenient and people can save money.

We have some great news for you; we have just signed a deal with a major Advertising agency and will soon be offering you fantastic content for FREE. So our KushCinema will have great new releases and specially curated films via TVOD (one off rentals between £1.49 - £12.99) and KushTVee will have a great selection of FREE content supported by ads which will play at start, sometimes during and at the end of content, we will do our best to keep Ads to a minimum especially when it comes to limiting interruptions during a feature film. We want you to enjoy films as they should be enjoyed.

We also aim to launch a VIP 'subscription' Membership (SVOD) for long-time Kush Films supporters who would like to get that special treatment and who want to go above and beyond and support KushTVee by subscribing and paying for services monthly. The VIP membership will also link into our physical film club screenings at the renowned Kush Film Boutique (currently based at the Genesis Cinema, East London, E1) and restarting Oct 2022.

I would like to say a special BIG THANK YOU to all those that have been using the site and purchasing films over the last two months. Your continued support is truly appreciated; but more importantly we need your feedback.

We will soon be conducting a marketing survey with subscribers and really need as many of you as possible to engage and fill out the survey and give us your valuable insights.

Please feel free in the mean time to communicate at any time and give us your thoughts on using the site and how we can improve your user experience. Potential investors make contact, express your interest.
E: admin@kushcinema.com

Wishing you all a great summer and better rest of year ahead.

Marlon Palmer

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