On The Other Foot

On The Other Foot will be released in UK cinemas from January 2022.
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“On The Other Foot” tells the story of a London cabbie who is a devout football fan and an out and out racist. When his daughter starts dating a black man who doesn't agree with any of his views, it tips him over the edge. She is not fazed by her father’s antics and convinces him to attend an African church in order for him to embrace her new partners culture. Unfortunately for him, he attends on the day of 'UMBADEHDEH', a spiritual day where dreams and nightmares can come true!

The next morning he wakes up inside a black person's body. What follows is an intelligent narrative, a comedic journey of gut-wrenching laughter, as he finds out first-hand what it's like to be Black in todays’ society and why the world is screaming ‘BLACK LIVES MATTER’!

Starring: Tim Faraday, Aurie Styla, Pippa Winslow, Chidi Adjufo, Curtis Walker, Eloise Henwood,  Lily Smith, Lee Charles, Lady Leshurr and Peter & Junior Andre.

Writer/ Director: Fredi Nwaka

Release Date: January 2022
Certificate: 15
Distributor: Nu-Urban Image International Pictures
Showing: Limited UK Release
Website: www.ontheotherfootmovie.com

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